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HyGrade Lotion

The Original

HyGrade Lotion was created in Colorado, where very low humidity can quickly dry the skin.

Ranch hands, cement masons, and mountain climbers tell us that nothing else works as well on their rough, chapped hands.

Part of the secret is that the ingredients include camphor and a very small amount of ammonia — not enough to be irritating, but just enough to cut through skin oils so that the lotion can work.

One whiff will tell you that HyGrade Lotion is not something you buy because of its sweet fragrance — this is a powerful product that really works!

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HyGrade Foot Conditioner

Instant Relief of Tired, Aching Feet!

We work hard and play hard here in Colorado, which is world-famous for ski resorts and for incredibly scenic hiking and mountain biking trails.

HyGrade Foot Conditioner was developed to penetrate, soothe, cool, and protect the feet after a day outdoors at work or at play. Its ingredients include camphor and glycerin.

Just rub in HyGrade Foot Conditioner for instant relief of tired, aching feet!

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HyGrade Lip Balm

Unusually Effective

Our HyGrade Lip Balm gets rave reviews from skiers and others who spend time outdoors here in Colorado, where very low humidity can quickly dry the lips.

HyGrade Lip Balm contains the highest quality ingredients and is unusually effective in relieving dry, chapped or cracked lips. It does not contain phenol or other ingredients frequently used in lip conditioners.

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